Easier German Umlauts on US Keyboard for MacOS X

Subject says it all: Easier German Umlauts on US Keyboard for MacOS X

The keyboard layout uses Alt as Mode switch key. For example, Alt-a produces ä, Alt-s produces ß, etc.  However, the placement of some letters and dead keys is slightly annoying: Dead acute (') is on Alt-e, instead of Alt-'. Why?! Because of é? What about á, then?

(I will put it on my evergrowing todo list, maybe I will change it one day.)

Small aside rant: I wanted a US American keyboard layout when I ordered my MacBook. I got one with US International layout, which is mostly the same, but not quite. Some keys are in different positions. This is not helpful. HATE.

Update 2006-11-06

Volker kindly pointed out that the placement of dead acute on Alt-e is just following Apple's layout. Unfortunately, it does not make that choice any better.

Well, at least I perhaps might have a chance to read up on why Apple decided so in its Human Interface Guidelines... ;-)

p.s.: It's fun to have somebody on the other side of the world reading your drivel. You put it online in the evening, and the next morning the reviews are waiting for you on your favourite instant messaging network... :-D

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