NetNewsWire for your Feed-Reading Needs

NetNewsWire: More news, less junk. Faster.

Reading news feeds? Forget Safari. Forget Apple Mail. Instead, try out NetNewsWire: It sports a convenient user interface and an integrated web browser (via WebKit), need I say more?

NetNewsWire Screenshot

I do not follow many news feeds, and after I switched to MacOS X, I used to use Safari's built-in feed reader. It was nothing to write home about, but it has a simple user interface and worked well enough for my modest needs. With OS X 10.5 Leopard, Apple Mail grew RSS support and I switched to it as default feed reader. I liked that it was the same interface as for email, but some things were rubbing me the wrong way. For instance, I created a Smart Mailbox to get rid of already read feed items: Smart Mailbox in Apple

The main show stopper was that some feeds basically require to visit a web page (e.g., the BBC News feed contains only a one-sentence summary of the stories. When in Apple Mail, this causes a switch to the default Web Browser, and possibly a desktop switch as well (thanks to Spaces).

With NetNewsWire, the awkward application switching (and backswitching) is history. Now, if only it could also view PDF files inline (via PDFKit)...

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