Windows Printer Setup on OS X: A Drama in Four Pictures

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Why is it that I have to know secret key combinations to set up a (network) Windows Printer on OS X without loosing my mind? Here's what you get without:

'Add Printer' Dialog

When just clicking on the More Printers... button, we get:

'More Printers...' Dialog

Now, below is the same dialog when holding the Option key (nee alt) while clicking on the More Printers... button:

'More Printers...' Dialog (Extended)

Check out the Devices dialog after selecting the newly visible Advanced choice:

Devices in 'More Printers...' Dialog (Extended)

What gives? In that dialog, I can finally enter a smb:// style device URI.

Bonus-Boggle: at least in my current hardware constellation, I need to enter the password in cleartext! Like so:


Nevermind that I get asked for the password later on in a dialog as well, but if I don't put it into the URI (which ends up in /etc/cups/printers.conf), I am not able to print!


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